• How to play and what is this chests on the map?

Players can use Dice of Fate Dice of fate.png to play. The number that appears on the dice will be the number of steps taken by the hero. When you stop on top of a chest, you will receive one of the rewards.

Ruins have a ordinary land, which can produce GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE Relics. Small Chest* can produce ORANGE Relics and Big Chest** can produce RED Relics.

*Small Chest:

Orange Relics.PNG

**Big Chest:

Red Relics.PNG

  • What happens when I finish a lap?

When you return to the starting point again, you can get 50x Hero Shards Hero Shard.PNG and 10x Red Relic Shards Red Relic shard.PNG and the position of all chests are changed.

Ruins Map[edit | edit source]

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