Pet Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Pets are helpful companions in battles, especially as supporters.

Many players have no idea where to get pets, actually it’s rather simple to obtain. Just wait till the 19th day since server launch, you will be given a Marnie for free, or else you can get Fat Dada anytime you want with your first top-up. Other pets can be found in the Monthly Sale Pack tab.

The deployed pet will fight in the default lineup. Deployed pets and aid pets will provide attributes bonuses to heroes of the team.

These are some of the current pets that can be acquired: (Skills at lv. 1)

Fat Dada

Fat dada lil.png

Skill icon pet panda01.png Crazy Claw: Deal 100% ATK DMG to one enemy for 2 times, increasing 5% ATK DMG each time.

Skill icon pet panda02.png Power of Panda: Each attacks restores 30% HP of its attack and reduce 5% DEF of the target for 1 turn.


Marnie lil.png
Skill icon pet alpaca01.png Water Shield: Releases Shields for Allies and shields will provide HP of 100% ATK of pets, and increases 5% Tenacity and 5% CRIT Resist for 2 Turns.

Skill icon pet alpaca03.png Mani Light: Normal attacks wind targets for 2 Turns: add shield for the ally with the lowest HP when each turns starts. Shield is 10% of Pet Max HP.

Rocket Chicken

Rocket Chicken lil.png

Skill icon pet chiken01.png Bombing: Deal 80% damage to all enemies and add 2 layers of 20% ATK DMG Scorching effects for 2 turns.

Skill icon pet chiken03.png Gunpowerder Madman: Normal attack Scorch a random enemy for 2 turns and each turn deals 80% DMG. When HP is less than 30%, all Scorch DMG on the enemy will be detonated (triggered only once).

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Growth Stage[edit | edit source]

The growth stage of pets can be divided into Baby, Adolescent and Adulthood. The newly acquired pets is in infancy, which can enter the growth stage after one week and the adolescent pet will enter the mature stage after giving birth to the next generation.

Adolescent pets can engage in copulation, after which they will go into adulthood. The skills and stats of the new generation would be better, excelling the last generation! And their passive skill can help boosting your BP significantly!

The growth and aptitude of pets are greatly influential to the stats and BP of players, we might as well say “A wrong choice in pets is half the defeat”. Simply put, the Growth of pets affects the stats of the entire team, both Deployed Pets and Aid Pets can offer stat boost to all heroes in the lineup. As for the aptitude of pets, it affects the combat abilities of the pets themselves. To make the most of pets’ boost in lineup BP, you should pay more attention to their own stats.The order of importance of the three boosts should be Pet Growth > Pet Skill > Pet Aptitude.

Cultivation Resources[edit | edit source]

To let your pet grow, you need to feed them with pet food. There are two kinds of pet food: Common Pet Food and Advanced Pet Food. Advanced Pet Food can be used directly in Pet interface and raise the level of your pet right away, while Common Per Food need to be used in Feed interface, with every 6 minutes consumes one Common Pet Food. Players can give pet food to each other in the Feed interface, you may also “plunder” from your friends.

In case you accidentally spend resources on pet you don’t want to cultivate, there are two ways to take back the resources you spent. First is to use Pet Rebirth Stone to get back all cultivation resources and the pet itself; second is to sell the pet, which will return all cultivation resources(including skill books) but not the pet itself. Cultivation resources and Pet Rebirth Stones are not easily obtained, so think twice before you invest on pets.

In other words, you can choose boost your BP by proactively choosing which pet to cultivate and when to change its growth stage. If you are not satisfied with the pet, just simply sell it and take back the resources, and use them in cultivating more powerful pets. That is the way to lower your cost in pet cultivation.

Dating[edit | edit source]

As for the Dating system, you just need to figure out the several interface.

First is the Date interface where you can filter and browse dating information from other players. You can respond to whichever you want and send your application.

The second interface is My Pet. As its name implies, it showcases all the pets you own. Here you can check the introduction and other details of your pets, and send out dating application as well.

Last interface is the Date Result. Players can check the dating results and obtain the next generation of pets.

Simply put, the basic strategies in cultivating pets are:

  1. Exchange pet food with your friends, and plunder from players with abundant stock of pet food everyday.
  2. When arranging dates for pets, try pairing up pet with higher growth and aptitude; it would be best if they have different skills.
  3. It’s more worthy to feed the three generations with the best stats since you have limited resources.

Selling and Reborning are both feasible ways to restore resources consumed.

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

When a new pet is acquired, the pet will have its own active and passive skills. The quantity and type of the rest Passive Skills are obtained at random. Skills books can upgrade pet skills.

These are all passive skill that you can acquire: (Skills at lv. 1)

Skill icon pet 022.png Agility: SPD +10%.

Skill icon pet 012.png Anger Burst: Have a 10% chance to Stun 2 enemies for 2 turns when releasing anger.

Skill icon pet 005.png Attack First: Have a 25% chance to attack first at the beginning of the battle.

Skill icon pet 008.png Blessing: Allies' Healling Amount +20% when in battle.

Skill icon pet 027.png Burst: Armor Break +10%

Skill icon pet 007.png Cure: Restore 80% of your HP at the end of each turn.

Skill icon pet 015.png Deter: When attacked, there is a 30% chance to reduce target 10 Energy.

Skill icon pet 029.png Energetic: Initial Energy +10

Skill icon pet 011.png Erosion: Each attack reduces the targets DEF by 10% for each turn.

Skill icon pet 016.png Inspire: Increase 5% DMG Immunity for Allies when in battle.

Skill icon pet 006.png Inspire: Increase 5% DMG Amplification for Allies when in battle.

Skill icon pet 025.png Hawkeye: HIT +10%

Skill icon pet 017.png Penetration: Have a 40% chance to ignore 30% DEF and 30% DMG Immunity of the target.

Skill icon pet 019.png Power Attack: ATK +10%

Skill icon pet 014.png Power of Unity: Each alive ally grants you 1% DMG Immunity and 1% DMG Amplification.

Skill icon pet 024.png Raid: DMG Amplification +10%

Skill icon pet 018.png Resentful Spirit Possession: Have a 25% to stun 1 enemy for 2 turns when any hero dies in battle.

Skill icon pet 009.png Self-Sacrifice: Restore 5% of the Max HP for 2 allies with the lowest HP when die.

Skill icon pet 026.png Shadow: Dodge +10%

Skill icon pet 020.png Solid Armor: DEF +10%

Skill icon pet 023.png Steady: DMG Immunity +10%

Skill icon pet 013.pngTank Killer: Damage dealt to the enemy whose HP is more than 50% is increased by 10%.

Skill icon pet 028.png Tenacity: Tenacity +10%

Skill icon pet 010.png Thorns: When attacked, there is a 10% chance to reflect 50% damage received.

Skill icon pet 021.png Toughness: HP +10%

Skill icon pet 003.png Unyielding: There is a 5% chance to retain 1 HP when receiving fatal damage, and restoring 10% of your Max HP.

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