• What is Mirage of Fate?

Mirage of Fate is a trial that consist of 3 chapters. You need to defeat the boss in each chapter to advance to the next chapter. On the way you can encounter monsters, elite monsters, unknown events, Star up/Restore hp station, Shop where you can buy pots, Boxes of potions, heroes and equipment, and the chapter boss at the end of each chapter, Every day you have 1 challange and you cant buy more with diamonds.

You start out by choosing the 6 heroes you are going to use. The HP left by a hero after each fight will carry over to the next fight and when a hero die you can not use him again. Unless you revive with potions you get underway. Therefore you should pick heroes that can sustain for more than one fight. Especially healers or life steal heroes are very effective. You only have 2 challenges a day and you cant buy more with diamonds.

You can unlock Skip battle when you have above VIP 4.

Unknown events:

Click on the Expand button on each chapter to see the current chapter events and possible reward outcomes.

Clearance rewards:

Chapter 1: 1 Heroic summoner ticket, 1 relic low quality, 20 coins, 100 relic upgrade stone or 10M Gold.

Chapter 2: 1 Chronos deed, 1 relic, 25-35 coin, 20 artifact raw stone, 10 polish stone.or 20 gems

Chapter 3: 1 Dice of Fate, 1 Mithril, 40 Quenching Stone, 5 Gear Shard, 5 enchanted stone, 5 Golden relic shards or 20 awaken stone.

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