This is just a beginner’s guide/list/help, shout out to those of you who are new and are looking for a few pointers to get going

a) VIP

If you are a free player, skip this. If you don’t mind spending a tiny amount on it, VIP 3 is a good early stopping point. It can be achieved by purchasing lifetime card.

You can see the benefits on the VIP page by clicking the VIP icon that appears when you acquire any VIP level. You can gain the bonus 5* shard and gem daily by buying the lifetime card.

b) Save Units

Save all your 3★ and 4★ heroes in the beginning. When you start the game, Do not level anything below 4★ too much - they will be replaced quickly, and don't level up too many 4★, as they aren't even good compared to 5★ heroes. Also, 5★ heroes that can be fused from 4★ heroes are considered fodder with the exception of Olaf.

Once you have your initial 5★ team at level 100, you want to stop leveling all heroes and start camping out as you try to pursue your first 6★ heroes. To help with this, start buying 3★ and 4★ shards from the market for gold every single day. It's a high priority. Continue to do this for the rest of your time on Brave Dungeon.


There are 3 types of 5⭐heroes. These are RARE, ELITE and LEGEND. When you do start upgrading your 5⭐heroes, check first, as Epic is more useful than rare, and LEGEND is the most powerful of all, even if not upgraded.

c) Daily Quests

Do the Daily Quests, try to get to 50 friends as soon as possible to maximize your hearts for friendship summons.

Make appropriate purchases in the marketplace. Generally speaking, this will be 3★ shards, 4★ shards, and basic scrolls for gold, and nothing else for the time being. The majority of other gem purchases are not worth it, especially as a new player.

If you are a free-to-play player, you'll want to save your gems for the VALUE PACKS. This will save you so much gem

d) Resources

You as a new player have a limited amount of gold. Do not spend gold to upgrade every hero you get. Being a new player, you might upgrade your Isabel, you could upgrade a 5★ copy of a really good hero you have obtained, but you do not want to spend all of your gold to max out all of your heroes, because you will find that you just don't have enough gold for everything.

e) Events

Game events are cycling week after week, some of them are new, but we know that there are specific events that we use items that we collect day by day. It is in these event that we will use them to get greater rewards. Always save as much as you can for these events.

Heroic Summon

Chronos Summon

Ruins (Dice event)

Refine Master (Mithril event)

f) Guild Coins

Never spend your Guild Coins in the Guild Shop. It is always a better investment to spend them in the Tech Center. You may think that buying a 5★ hero will help your team immensely, it will ultimately be nothing compared to what the Tech Center can provide.

g) Building Heroes in General

Never get excited with good heroes. If you have two copies of a hero that is considered "amazing", do not make it 6★ instantly. Heroes you want to take to 6★ or 9★ are heroes that are mediocre; heroes that have decent performance, but can always be fed to another hero. Heroes like Nymph, Olaf, Regina, Lava, or even Ryan, are good to use, but at the same time, are heroes you will eventually feed to better heroes.

Server: Chronos 13 IGN: Creedz ID: 20500242 Discord: Creedx Contribution: Guide for beginners to intermediate level, to maximize the output potential

Server: Expedition 43 IGN: Xandrolar ID: 33100183. Contribution: added rarities descriptions for 5 star heroes

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