Introduction[edit | edit source]

Brave Dungeon is an unique take on the idle genre with its roguelite gameplay. Unlike most idle games you have a character which you can control. Idle games are games are games in which you can only do so much without paying money or waiting for "idle rewards" to pile up. Don't let this turn you off though as Brave Dungeon still has much to offer with many modes including an adventure mode, dungeons, cool events, and guilds.

Main[edit | edit source]

In the main section is where your general interface with the dungeons, arena, summons and events are as well as many more functions. As with most idle games this game focuses around building a team of heroes to fight and as such as 2 main summoning areas. In the hero summon section you can get different types of summoning tickets to pull heroes with different rates. in Chronos gate you can acquire chronos deeds to summon specific elements of heroes. In the dungeons sections the are 5 types of dungeons and they all revolve around pvp or pve. In arena there are 4 types of pvp sections to choose from including ranked and team modes. On the top of the main section is a section called the Land of Destiny. It contains a mode called mirage of fate in which you take your main team on an adventure recruiting heroes, battling, and completing events. There is also a unique game mode called fate autochess which is similar to the autochess genre in which you draft heroes and combine them to make them more powerful. Lastly there is the endless tower. In the endless tower there are hundreds of stages to fight each different from the last. These compose the majority of main section without including events.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

In the heroes section is where you assemble your team. There are 6 races of heroes and 4 classes of heroes. The 6 races of heroes are terran, orc, elf, undead, daimion, and zelos. Keep in mind that the daimion and zelos races are much rarer than the rest. If you have 3 heroes of the same race in your team you can get a aura buff that can give different buffs depending on the race. If you have 6 heroes of the same race in your team the aura is upgraded. The 4 classes of heroes are warrior, mage, priest, and ranger. Similarly to the race auras getting 2, 4, or 6 heroes of the same class will give you an aura buff. There are 5 different base stars of heroes and 3 different rarities of 5 stars. You can pretty much ignore heroes 1-3 stars since 1-2 star heroes have 0 use and you get enough 3 star heroes not to worry about running out of them for feeding into other heroes. 4 star heroes can drop as 5 star "rares" but both versions are the same hero. The two other rarities of 5 stars are elite and legendary which are what you want to build your endgame team around as they have better skills and stats.

Adventure Mode[edit | edit source]

In the adventure section of the game you control a player. There are lots of maps to be explored which will be unlocked as you level up. There are battles in which your team of heroes goes against an A.I team of heroes and they fight with a turn by turn battle style. There also events where you play rock paper scissors or roll dice for diamonds which are the premium currency for this game. There are slide puzzles and quests as well. There are more events than this of course but these compose most of the adventure section.

Guilds[edit | edit source]

Guilds are the most co-op centric area of the game as you need all members of a guild helping to progress optimally. The many sections of a guild include the guild hall, farm, guild boss, guild dungeon, guild market, and tech center. In the farm you can plant crops to sell for silver coins that are used to upgrade the farm for more production and get stats buffs for all guild members. At the guild hall you can check rolls and the power of guild members as well as check in to gain a bit of xp for the guild. In the guild boss you get 2 free attempts daily to attack a shared boss by the guild so when one player attacks the boss the damage is shared by all members. When the boss is defeated you get guild medals based on your ranking. The guild dungeon is similar to the guild boss but instead of there being a singular unit there are multiple units per stage. The tech center and the guild market is where you spend your guild medals. At the tech center you can buy percent stat buffs for a class of heroes and at the marker you can buy specific or random heroes for your team.

This page explains the general gameplay of Brave Dungeons as well as the individual sections of the game.

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